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Regarding the content, if you make a static website you must provide all the content and pictures at a design time.  However, if you want the CMS website you may add it later by yourself. We provide you with better content and pictures that exactly matches your business need.

First of all, you should decide what type of website you want, a Static Website or a Dynamic Website. We have various design packages which are based on CMS. After selecting your plan please feel free to contact us by email at Design involves a creative process where our team members collaborate effectively to finalize a large portion of the interior and exterior design

It depends upon your website features. Normally static website takes 3 to 7 working days after the design is finalized. If you make CMS Website the time depends on your website features. However, we assure you to complete your website at the stipulated time without much delay. Similarly, we expect you to co-operate with us in case of any uncertainties. For more information please email us at 

We feel proud as one of the best leading  IT companies in Nepal. We have most talented employee and freelancer to design great web site according to our clients .This trend has continued with our website design and digital marketing services. Our company works on ensuring 100% client satisfaction that provides long-term benefits through proper feedback and negotiation. We differentiate ourselves in terms of quality services at a reasonable price. 

Obviously , we manage your  website after completion of your website. we will maintain  your site , when you required to update your site , we will available for it 24/7 .